What is Qorium?

Qorium is a biotechnology driven company
providing the world with a premium, cell cultured collagen based leather


Value proposition

Sustainable, natural leather
No link with the meat industry and animal suffering
Not associated with deforestation for agriculture and livestock
Made from sheets of cultured collagen, providing the commonly appreciated properties of premium leather
Environmentally harmful processing of traditional leather no longer needed
Comes in an ideal size for optimum workability and unprecedented cutability

About us - Science and Business

Rutger Ploem

Rutger Ploem
Initiator, founder & co-CEO

Leather professional with a long family background in this industry.
Rutger developed a visionary view of the future of leather: Achieving a radical transformation from the traditional and environmentally harmful way of leather making, to a truly sustainable leather production. By replacing animal hides, with cell-cultured material.

Stef Kranendijk

Stef Kranendijk
Founder & CEO

Sustainable entrepreneur.
Turned around Desso into a
highly profitable cradle to cradle
carpet tile manufacturer.
Before that 19 years in leading positions at Procter & Gamble followed by 2 yrs as President EMEA Stanley Works.

Mark Post

Prof. dr. Mark Post
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Professor of Physiology.
Tissue Engineer.
Developed the world’s first
cell cultured hamburger.